Sample Reports

SAMPLE PreDrywall Inspection Report_Use for Handouts to Realtors or Buyers.pdf 1.1MB
Inspection Report_New Build Construction .pdf 2.1MB

Standard Rates

  • Residential Homes - Minimum charge - $425 for a one-story; $475 for a two-story home up to 2350 s/f. If more than 2350 s/f, fees are based on s/f, age, and number of stories and sq/ feet ranging from 17- 19 cents per sq foot.  
  • New build construction (phase inspections) - Ph 1 - Foundation Pre-Pour.   Ph 2 - Framing/Pre-drywall.    Ph 3 - Final/Pre-Close.  Ph 4 - Warranty (Builder 1-Year Warranty) Call for quote
  • Homes more than 25 years old - Additional $50-$100 (requires more time to complete inspection and report due to possible renovations, additions, wear and tear, outdated systems, mixing and matching of systems, etc.)
  • Small Commercial - Call for quote
  • Construction Draw Inspections (lenders/builders) - $200 minimum - Fee varies, based on location, s/f, and complexity.
  • Cost Segregation In-Person Site Inspections - $200 minimum   Fee varies, based on location, s/f, and complexity.

New to the area or stressed for time?  Roberts Hi-Tech Home Inspections will arrange termite, septic, water well, and pool inspections for buyer with one of their trusted professionals to be completed same day as home inspection.  These reports and payment will be separate from the home inspection.


Payment is due at time of inspection and can be paid by cash, check, or credit card. 

Most inspections require approximately 4-6 hours to complete and will be scheduled at buyer's convenience.  We ask that you allow two day's notice.  We will provide a detailed, narrative report with plenty of pictures same day as inspection.  Because our fee is independent of any property transaction, you can be assured that we are working exclusively and objectively for YOU, the buyer.