Residential Home Inspections Next-Day Service. Same-Day Reports: A Small Business Making a Big Impact

Areas we service:

  • Boerne to Fair Oaks Ranch and Leon Springs
  • Bandera to Comfort, Fredericksburg, and Kerrville
  • Canyon Lake to New Braunfels, Bulverde, and Spring Branch
  • San Antonio and surrounding areas

Roberts Hi-Tech Home Inspections’ goal is to eliminate any post-move surprises, maintaining clarity and simplicity in our communications to ensure home buyers fully understand the condition of their future home before they move in. By presenting our findings in straightforward language, we highlight any observed risks, deficiencies, or safety hazards, ensuring home buyers are informed about their future home’s condition.

What To Expect

For both buyers and sellers, our goal is to deliver a comprehensive, impartial, and timely inspection report. We thoroughly assess all home components, including the garage and roof, using advanced technology to enhance our visual inspection.

Our five-star inspection covers:






Following the inspection, we will discuss our findings in detail, aiming to provide insights that could influence your purchasing decision. We adhere to an objective reporting style, providing facts and letting you, the buyer, evaluate them according to your standards. You will receive a thorough narrative report, complete with digital photographs.

Additionally, we offer guidance on routine maintenance and stand ready to answer any queries you may have.

Warranty Inspection Services

Secure Your Peace of Mind Before Your Warranty Expires
When purchasing a new home, your builder’s warranty is a crucial safety net that ensures any construction issues that surface will be resolved without impacting your finances. However, identifying these issues before your warranty expires is essential—once your warranty period is over, the responsibility falls on you. At Roberts Hi-Tech Home Inspections, we specialize in comprehensive warranty inspections to ensure that your investment is protected.

Why Schedule a Warranty Inspection?

  • Catch Issues Early: We help uncover hidden problems that may not be noticeable during everyday use. This includes structural, electrical, and plumbing defects that could potentially lead to significant expenses.
  • Leverage Your Warranty: Our detailed reports provide the documentation necessary to hold your builder accountable for repairs before your 1-year, 2-year, or 10-year warranty expires.
  • Expert Inspectors: Our team of inspectors brings extensive experience and keen eyes, ensuring no detail is overlooked. We are trained to identify the kinds of issues that builders might miss or overlook.
  • Peace of Mind: Knowing that your home has been professionally inspected before your warranty lapses provides reassurance that your home is not only safe but also built to last.


What Does a Warranty Inspection Include?

Our warranty inspections involve a detailed assessment of all major systems and areas of your home. This includes the roof, foundation, HVAC systems, electrical panels, plumbing fixtures, and insulation. We pay special attention to areas prone to wear and tear and those that represent significant repair costs if problems arise later. After our inspection, we provide a comprehensive report detailing our findings with high-quality digital images, making it easier for you to discuss any necessary repairs with your builder.

Schedule Your Inspection:

Don’t wait until it’s too late. Ensure that you are fully aware of any potential issues before your builder’s warranty expires. Contact Roberts Hi-Tech Home Inspections today at 832-797-9569 to schedule your warranty inspection. Protect your home, secure your investment, and ensure that any warranted repairs are identified and addressed on time.

Our Services

Pre-Listing Inspections

Step into the housing market with confidence and control. Our Pre-Listing Inspections provide homeowners a critical advantage before listing their property. By conducting a comprehensive assessment of your home, our professional inspectors can identify any potential issues that could affect the value or salability of your property.

A Pre-Listing Inspection covers the same items as a standard home inspection, including the examination of the structure, HVAC, roofing, plumbing, electrical systems, and other critical components. This preemptive evaluation offers several benefits:

Empower Sellers

Understand the condition of your home through a professional lens, allowing you to make repairs or adjustments that could enhance the home’s market value.

Price Appropriately

Armed with detailed information on your home’s condition, you can set a price that reflects its true value, avoiding surprises that might arise from a buyer’s inspection.

Negotiate from Strength

With a Pre-Listing Inspection report, you’re better equipped to negotiate with potential buyers, providing transparency that can lead to quicker, smoother transactions.

Attract Serious Buyers

A home that’s been pre-inspected signals to buyers that you are thorough and transparent, often attracting more serious, prepared buyers.

By choosing to conduct a Pre-Listing Inspection, you’re not just preparing to sell; you’re ensuring that the selling process goes as smoothly and favorably as possible. Our detailed report will give you, the seller, the upper hand by allowing you to address any concerns on your terms and timeline before they become negotiating points in the sale process.

Phase Inspections

Embarking on new construction is an adventure that requires attention to detail at every step. Our Phase Inspections service is structured to support this journey, providing expert oversight during the three crucial phases of your new build:

Pre-pour Foundation Inspection

Before the concrete is poured, we conduct a thorough evaluation of the site preparation, ensuring that the foundation will be laid correctly. This phase includes checking the integrity of the formwork, rebar placement, and ensuring all building codes are met.

Pre-Drywall Inspection

After the structure is up but before the walls are sealed, our second visit assesses the placement of electrical wiring, plumbing, and HVAC systems. This critical phase confirms that all elements are properly installed and accessible for future maintenance before being enclosed.

(Final Inspection)

Prior to the final walk-through and closing, we meticulously inspect the completed property. This comprehensive inspection covers all structural and mechanical components, finishes, and the operability of systems to certify that your new home is ready for occupancy.

Furthermore, our commitment to your long-term satisfaction extends beyond the initial construction. We offer a fourth inspection at the culmination of your builder’s one-year warranty. This additional review is designed to ensure that any settling, wear, or operational issues are identified and can be addressed under warranty, safeguarding your investment for the years to come.

With us by your side throughout the construction process, you gain the assurance of continuous professional oversight. Our Phase Inspections are an indispensable resource in ensuring your new home is constructed to the highest standards of quality and craftsmanship.

Cost Segregation Study Inspections

Maximize your property investment returns with our specialized Cost Segregation Study Inspections. Tailored for investors and business owners, our in-person site inspections are an essential component in the strategic process of cost segregation. We partner with leading cost segregation companies to provide precise, on-site evaluations that contribute to optimizing tax benefits and enhancing cash flow. Our expertise in identifying and categorizing property assets ensures that every inspection is conducted with an eye for detail, focusing on the tangible personal property and land improvements that can lead to accelerated depreciation deductions. Trust our team to deliver the critical insights needed to support your cost segregation strategy and fiscal planning.

Construction Draw Inspections

Navigating the complexities of new construction projects requires a vigilant partner who can ensure the lender’s interests are protected at every stage. Our Construction Draw Inspection services are specifically designed to offer this assurance, operating as the crucial eyes and ears on the ground for lenders.


Key Highlights of Our Service:

Dedicated Oversight

We are the eyes and ears for lenders on a construction project, ensuring that every detail is accounted for.

Equipped for Excellence

With the right tools, knowledge, certifications, and 14 years of experience, we bring an unmatched level of expertise to the field.

Risk Mitigation

We actively mitigate the risk involved for lenders and builders, safeguarding against any unforeseen issues.

Progress Assurance

Lenders are reassured that the project is progressing as stated on Draw Requests through our diligent verifications.

Accuracy Assessment

We meticulously access and identify the accuracy of the project in comparison to the Draw Request, ensuring every dollar is accounted for.

Efficient Turnaround

Our team offers a quick turnaround for inspections and augments reports with digital pictures for a comprehensive view.

Regional Expertise

Our inspection services deliver detailed and reliable insights into the construction process, backed by a team that is thoroughly versed in the nuances of construction and lending requirements. With a steadfast commitment to quality and efficiency, we empower lenders with the confidence they need to move forward with their investments.

Small Commercial Inspections

Ensure your investment is secure with our comprehensive Small Commercial Property Inspections. When necessary we employ a specialized team of TREC-licensed inspectors, augmented by certified tradesmen with expertise in HVAC, Wood-Destroying Insects (WDI), and roofing. Our meticulous approach guarantees a detailed assessment of your property’s condition.

Key Service Highlights:

TREC-licensed inspectors for a full scope review.

Certified HVAC professionals to evaluate systems efficiency and integrity.

Expert WDI inspectors for thorough wood integrity analysis.

Roofing specialists to assess condition and lifespan of roofing materials.

Our inspection covers a range of commercial properties including:

Retail spaces

Office units

Small warehouses

Mixed-use buildings

Each inspection delivers a clear, concise report providing you with the knowledge to make informed decisions. Protect your commercial real estate with the precision and expertise of our dedicated inspection team.

For An Honest, Straightforward Approach While Keeping Things In Perspective, Call Us To Schedule An Inspection Today!